Here we collect together tools (both implemented and designed) for supporting strange hypertext presentation or authoring.

Fractal Narratives

Fractal Narratives are built by inserting story between existing story fragments, creating a potentially infinitely complex narrative. A reader may start with a character introduction, expand this into a biography, expand this into motivations, and so on. This experiment includes an online narrative creator, a jQuery plugin for authors, and several different views for readers to experience the story.

Play with the Fractal Narrative Engine

Download the fractal narrative software

Why strange:It provides an experimental authoring technique where a story can written and comprehended at any scale.
Ramblings Engine screenshot

The engine would be used for text and one of its main features would be the inclusion of "digressions" - separate snippets of text that explain unfamiliar terms found in the main body of the document presented to the reader. These "digressions" snippets would disappear as the reader moves on reading and would be replaced by new ones. A dial would be provided for controlling how many of them would be on display at any given time.

Play with the Rambling Hyptext

Why strange: The concept of linking terms in the body of text with additional information and providing it in a temporal and forgetful manner

Hyper Tablet

Hyper Tablet

A unique archaeological annotation tool, useful for both students and scholars alike, Hyper Tablet allows users to virtually vandalise priceless archaeological artifacts! The tool enables users to browse, annotate and link ancient tablets and to conduct a number of palaeographic tasks such as transliterations, normalisations and translations. Users can select glyphs on their chosen tablet using a tool, we have called the "magic highlighter", which once selected shows the relevant paleographic data for the selection. Selections can then be annotated, and with this comes the opportunity to create links to other tablets or resources either within or beyond the system, thus allowing users to draw upon information from a number of different sources.

A Presentation Summarising a potential Design for Hyper Tablet

Why strange:The highlighter tool transposes traditional links, enabling a departure from Web 1.0 style sites previously used in the community, displaying links which are dependent on the context from which they are viewed.



The Auto-Wiki-Linker provides a way to automatically link documents to a supporting wiki. Short stories, blog articles, or design documents have terms matching pages for a supporting wiki automatically linked to the relevant wiki page. This system was designed for use with MediaWiki and can be tied in with Tumblr blogs.

The Auto-Wiki-Linker Source Code

Why strange: This potentially encourages creative storytelling through blogs with supporting knowledge bases.