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The stange hypertexts community is a haven for people who are curious about strange hypertexts. Discussions can take many veins from the technological through to the academic. If you have some strange hypertexts you want to share with us then this is the place to do it. We also accept reviews hypertext and debate about the discipline or philosophy of hypertext literature.

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Welcome to the strange and exciting world of hypertext


This work is based on video editing software. But instead of creating sequences of video and sound, it creates sequences of still images and associated texts. And just as in video editing software, where you can add and insert video clips and then associate the clips with sound along the sound

Shadows Never Sleep

This is a "zoom narrative" designed for the IPhone where turning pages becomes zooming into surfaces and walking your fingers across the multi-touch screen of the device. Here, the link is given to the browser version.


The book “Traumgedanken” (“Thoughts on dreams”) contains a collection of literary, philosophical, psychological and scientifical texts which provide an insight into different dream theories. To ease the access to the elusive topic, the book is designed as a model of a dream about dreaming.

Card Shark and Thespis

A set of slides by Mark Bernstein featuring some animation that help to explain his ideas about Card Shark and Thespis - hypertext systems that he has implemented for creating hypertext narratives in novel ways. The first of the 2 promotes sculptural hypertext, that is, building a network of

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