A collection of strange hypertexts and creative tools for the presentation of digital narratives.


Why should digital narratives be limited to text on a page or be constrained by links?

The web is filled with interesting and curious ways of presenting information. What opportunities for storytelling and discourse could this provide? And how should these techniques support the artists and writers that might use them?

StrangeHypertexts.org aims to be a catalyst for the conversation around these questions. We are a loose collaboration of artists, designers, researchers and technical developers, who hope to come together and build strange hypertexts! Our first aim is to create a collection of creative hypertext work out there on the web that goes beyond pages and links, and to index the tools and architectures for producing strange presentations of narrative.

Beyond this we want to establish a community of people who think differently about digital writing, art and music, and to foster connections with technical people who can help them develop their skills and realise their visions.

May the future be Strange!